Wanås sculpture garden – Modern Art in the middle of no-where

This weekend we went to one of my all time favorite places in Skane for our annual visit – Wanås. It’s a huge outdoor sculpture garden which integrates modern art and landscape in a truly fantastical way. Every year they invite a number of artists to live on site and build sculpture that are inspired by the landscape. Some of the sculptures remain, and others change yearly. It’s like a walk in the woods with strange sculptures lining the way.

We lucked out, as on the day we planned to go they forecasted really bad weather. We decided to give it a try anyway – and the skies cleared when we got there. However, most people stayed home that day, so we were on our own in the woods.

This year we felt some of the sculpture felt a little X-files inspired. Here I tried to get my DH to look like he was being abducted by aliens. He was little skeptical.

And I’m pretty sure the was an episode about pod people, or people hanging from trees covered in webs. Thankfully we weren’t attacked, but in this same area was a sound exhibition, with recordings of ‘Mama’ ‘Mama?’ ‘Papa?’, which were creepy. At first we thought there were other people around, but we were completely alone. There were small speakers attached to some of the trees.

We had fun playing with this installation – Here it looks like I’m standing on Cassie.

This was my favorite new piece – It is entitled ‘Billboard.’

While it is tough to get to without a car, it really is worth a trip. Many of the permanent pieces have beautifully evolved with the forest. And even bigger kids will get a kick out of seeing some really strange things in the trees!


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