Warhol After Munch at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

For the last two weeks J has been traveling around the world, leaving me and the little guy on our own. While I have missed him immensely (and not least because LO sleeps so much better when Pappa helps put him to sleep), we did manage to keep busy thanks to J’s family and a great group of mammas.

So this week’s excursion – which is actually last week’s because, well it ‘s hard to find time to blog when taking care of a 7 month old single handedly and that 7 month old hates napping – was to Denmark.

The Louisiana Museum had an exhibit entitled Munch after Warhol, and while I’ve always been a bit skeptical of Warhol, Munch was one of my favorites as a teen. So off we went, another ex-pat mom and me. The exhibit consisted of Warhol’s interpretations of Munch beside some of the original Munch prints. And while the exhibit was interesting – giving me a new appreciation of Warhol through seeing his work in relation to Munch’s – the main attraction of the day was the fabulous weather and the sculpture garden. Let’s just say a few hundred photos were taken that day.

We also took the opportunity to take the ‘Around the Sound’ trip – catching the train through Copenhagen and then the boat via Elsinore. When we stumbled in the door at 9pm I was the only one exhausted, as LO stayed up until 11 despite my best efforts.

This exhibit closed last week, but I look forward to seeing more exhibits at the Louisiana – although I don’t know how many days we will have like this one as autumn creeps in upon us.



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I'm a new Mom trying to keep my reading addiction active while on maternity leave with my son
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