Illegal art

Last week we made it out to Nimis – a giant illegal piece of artwork located at Kulleberg national park. I’ve been meaning to go here for years, but never made it. Sadly, it was not optimal for dogs or babies, but did make a nice – if not mildly intimidating – day hike.

Nimis was designed by Lars Viks – currently in the middle of a scandal involving ’roundabout’ Mohammad dogs – sometime in the 60’s or 70’s. It isn’t on any map, but tons of Japanese and German tourists seemed to find it anyway. It is marked by signs as seen above –

While I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to climb on Nimis at all, due to baby & dog – I did realize why Nimis creates such a dilemma for the Swedish government. It really is extraordinary – and it looks like a total death trap. J kept talking about how much fun it would be to come back with the little guy when he was older – and in my head I kept going ‘yeah, like when he is 14’.

See, as Nimis is a work of art, totally unregulated and not even allowed to be there (since it is a national park – no construction is allowed – hence the illegality of Nimis – if I understand it correctly) no one is there to make sure Nimis is built according to any kind of standard at all. And right under Nimis is a ton of really huge rocks.

But what I can I say, Nimis is really really amazing – just not for dog paws, at all.

The little guy did have his first outdoor picnic  since starting solids. A banana in the wilderness.


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2 Responses to Illegal art

  1. RandomizeME says:

    What an interesting title – illegal art! What is it supposed to be – the pictures aren’t clear. It mostly looks like either a rickety bridge or a bird’s nest to me 😉

    • It’s hard to capture because of the trees and because we couldn’t climb down- but it is basically a giant bridge, and some towers in a very inhospitable region of a Swedish national park. The artist is Lars Vilks, a generally interesting guy if you are ever up to reading about him.

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