Ven – Swedish paradise

So this weekend we finally made the trek I had been aiming to make for the last five years. We went to the lovely little island of Ven, off the coast of Landskrona.

It’s nice to know that even with a 6 month old we can still be slightly spontaneous. We were visiting family on Friday night, when they announced their plans to head to the island and rent bikes the following day. We had nothing with us, but borrowed a 15 year old back pack baby carrier and hopped on the boat.

While we couldn’t keep up with the rest of the crew, as there were no baby friendly bikes left, we had a lovely hike around the island. Enjoyed a great, albeit expensive, lunch at pumpans cafe (, and I even got a cup of my absolute favorite tea – Celestial Seasons Blueberry – which I find impossible to find around Lund.

After all that we were home in time to feed our cat, Uma, at 8 pm.

And all DS got were slightly sun tinged red cheeks


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I'm a new Mom trying to keep my reading addiction active while on maternity leave with my son
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